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Cayman Kai Vacations

Specializing in offering the
Vacation Rentals, Rental Management and Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Could It Be Romance?

Suddenly everything takes on new meaning. You want to escape to a tropical island paradise - just the two of you. Laze away hours together on our sun-drenched beaches. Or plunge into our azure sea as it entices you to discover the hidden treasures below

Whether this is your first romantic getaway or an ongoing celebration of each other, Grand Cayman is an exotic oasis, just for the two of you.

Caribbean Island WeddingsExchange your vows or renew them in places enchanted by legend and romance.
 Find your very own special spot amidst our miles and miles of beaches. Let the sand slip between your toes and sip a cool tropical cocktail as you await the spectacular sunset. Legend says if you catch a glimpse of the elusive "greenflash" just as the sun drifts beneath the sea, good fortune will be yours forever. Perhaps tonight is the night!
In Love
We promise you will never forget this place.
 A Caribbean island escape where the warmth of the sun is matched by the warmth of our people. You’ll feel you’re a special part of our Islands as soon as you receive your first Caymanian smile.


Relaxation and Romance

There’s romance in the air, Cayman Islands Style.
 Exotic, magical, your own very special dream come true. From our playful stingrays to our captivating sunsets, Grand Cayman will touch your souls and remain in your hearts. Always.



It’s difficult to imagine a destination more perfectly suited to lovers of life, beauty and romance than Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Nestled in the Caribbean, just one-hour south of Miami, this island shine like a jewel sparkling in a turquoise crown. The real treasure, however, is the special brand of romance Grand Cayman delivers. World-class dining. Breath-taking vistas. Exhilarating attractions. A serenade of sights and sounds guaranteed to make your honeymoon the stuff dreams are made of.
Imagine the sun is setting, a soft breeze blowing, the waves gently rolling in,
as you and your beloved join hands to make a lifelong commitment.
It is not a dream but a perfect Wedding on Grand Cayman.
Whether you’re planning a grand, sophisticated church wedding or an intimate beachfront ceremony, Grand Cayman provides scores of picturesque locales to make your “big day” larger than life.
Also we would like you to consider a "Honeymoon" at one of the properties offer by
Cayman Kai Vacations

Requirements & Wedding Planning

There are several Restaurants (see below) that have Wedding Planners and there are other Wedding Coordinators (see below) in the Cayman Islands that can assist you with all your arrangements, however simple or creative, from legal requirements to party planning.

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Imagine your wedding in Grand Old Style, in one of the Island's oldest and most historic places; the Grand Old House, Petra Plantation, which was established in 1908. Grand Old House is the premier wedding and event planner in the Cayman Islands and has 16 awards from Wine Spectator Magazine.

Tel: (345) 949-9333
Fax: (345) 949-0635


The Wharf Restaurant truly is a spectacular site for your Dream Wedding to come true. It's the Perfect Setting for a perfect day where they can arrange Weddings for up to 300 people.

Tel: 345-949-2231
Fax: 345-949-0397

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Cayman Weddings is the Cayman Islands premier wedding planners.
In business for the past 20 years we have performed over 5500 wedding ceremonies.
Cayman Weddings
P.O. Box 10109 APO
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Tel. 345-949-8677
Fax 345-946-9376
Email: weddings@candw.ky.
Cayman Weddings Ltd.

Tel: (345) 949-8165/1343
Fax: (345) 949-0409/5717

Tel: 345-949-2044
Fax: 345-6947
Email: weddings@celebrationsltd.com

Flowers Services
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Every Bloomin' Thing Ltd.
Tel 345 945 1701
Fax 345 945 1708
Email eblomint@candw.ky

Trisha's Roses
Tel (345) 949-2423/7315
Fax (345) 949-9521
Email: moments@candw.ky

Heart of Cayman
Tel (345) 949-8165
Fax (345) 949-0409
Email heartcay@candw.ky

Transportation Services
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Cayman Carriage Company

Tel: (345) 926-7669

Email: caymancarriages@candw.ky

Website: www.caymancarriagecompany.com

Photographers Services
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We have used David ourselves and the results were fantastic!!!!
David Wolfe
Tel (345) 947-4146
Fax (345) 947-4146
Tel: (345) 947-8400
Fax: (345) 947-8450
Email pbp@candw.ky
Tel: (345) 943-3686
Fax: (345) 943-3687
Email wedding@rebeccadavidson.com
Website www.rebeccadavidson.com

Videographer Services
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Tel (345) 945 1561
Fax (345) 945 1560


Apex Video Solutions
Tel (345) 946-2234

Catering & Bar Tending Services

Miseen Place

Tel: (345) 943-2433

Fax: (345) 943-2434

Email:  info@miseenplace.com.ky

Website: www.miseenplace.com.ky 


Barnes Bartender Service

Tel: (345) 949-1740

Fax: (345) 949-2605

Email:  info@barnesbartenderservice.com

Website: www.barnesbartenderserivce.com


Equipment Rental Services

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Tel: (345) 949-7990

Email: massive@candw.ky

Website: www.massivegroup.com/party.htm

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Robert Wagner
Phone Number (412) 828-2111
Cayman Kai Vacations
Specializing in
"The Island Houses of Cayman Kai"
Vacation Rentals, Rental Management and Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area, Grand Caymans, Cayman Islands.
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