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"82 Degrees"
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"Island Houses"
Sweetie Kai #6
Kai Life #7
Barefoot Lagoon#11
Toto Kai #13
Kai Time #14
Kai Kotch#17
Seaside Dreams #20
Island Houses Reviews
"The Retreat at Rum Point"
RUnit 12- 1 Bedroom
RUnit 13-1 Bedroom
RUnit 15-1 Bedroom
RUnit 17-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 19- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 20-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 22-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 23-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 27-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 32- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 33- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 28-3 Bedrooms
RUnit 30- 3 Bedrooms
"The Garden of the Kai"
Garden of Kai#5- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#8- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#10-2Beds
Garden of Kai#3-3Beds
Garden of Kai#13-2Beds
Garden of Kai#16-3Beds
Kaibo Phase IWee Kai
"Kaibo Condo Phase II
Kaibo Condos A5
Kaibo Condos A8
Kaibo Condos B18
Kaibo Condos C22
"The Pools"
Pool #1-1 Bedroom
Pool #4-1 Bedroom
Pool #9-1 Bedroom
Pool #11-2 Bedrooms
Unit #208 2 Bedrooms
"Villas"- Cayman Kai
Well Sea - 4 Max
Azure Breeze - 6 Max
Just for Fun - 6 Max
Finger Tip- 6 Max
Peace and Kai It - 6 Max
Kaiband - 6 Max
Sea Cove - 6 Max
Kai Zen - 6 Max
S'Kai Fail l - 7 Max
Kailypso  8 Max
Tarasand - 8 Max
Champagne - 8 Max
Bit of Heaven - 8 Max
Les Jalousies - 8 Max
White Dahlia- 10 Max
Great Escape - 10 Max
Sea Sea Sea -10 Max
Two Rainbows -10 Max
S'Kai Blue - 11 Max
Crystal Waters - 12 Max
Kai Conut - 12 Max
Hidden Cove -12 Max
Paradis Sur Mer - 12 Max
Moon Kai - 14 Max
Cos Kai -15 Max
Kaiku - 15 Max
Abita Ka -16 Max
Villas- North/East End
Kai Tana- 4 Max
Cayman Dream- 6 Max
Thatch Hill- 7 Max
Reef Romance- 10 Max
Great Bluff -12 Max
White Cottage-11 max
Coconut Beach- 12 Max
Amoraflora- 12 Max
Rum Cove-1 Bed
Rum Haven- 1 bed
Bio Cove
Crystal Caves
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"Villas, Island Houses, Town Houses,
 Condominiums and Single Family Houses"
in Cayman Kai/Rum Point area and the North Side of Grand Cayman
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Terms & Conditions
Regarding Reservations and Occupancy Reservations Policy
for Cayman Kai Vacations, Owners of the Island Houses of Cayman Kai,
and the Owners of Villas and Condominiums

Rental Rates & Availability Policy

Tentative reservations are accepted. However, if a reservation is requested for the same period and a deposit is offered, the reservation backed with a deposit payment will take precedence. Therefore in case of overlap in requested dates our "Fair Treatment Policy" is to honor the first reservation to be confirmed by a deposit payment.

Room charges are quoted on a per night basis.  Rates for stays which straddle multiple seasons are calculated on the basis of the number of nights in each season.

Check-In Time is 3:00 PM on the day of arrival. Check-Out Time is 11:00 AM on the day of departure.

Quoted rates do not include the thirteen (13%) percent Cayman Islands Government Accommodation Tax, which, together with the standard cleaning fee, will
be added  to the listed rates to determine the total cost of the rental (“Total Rental Cost”).  Please note that we do not charge either of the $4.00 daily Resort Fee
or the 10% Hotel Service Charge.

Confirmation of dates is conditioned upon timely receipt of your initial deposit, including the settlement of funds.  Your reservation cannot be confirmed until receipt of your deposit payment.  In order to assist you in securing plane reservations and to avoid disappointment, upon your request a forty-eight (48) hour hold will be placed upon requested accommodations without the necessity of a deposit.  Please note that a failure to receive your required deposit prior to the expiration of the forty-eight (48) hour hold will result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation.

Receipt of all deposits and final payments will be promptly confirmed to you by email, unless otherwise instructed.

Deposit/Final Payment Policy

Deposits and final payments may be made by wire transfer, bank draft, money order or credit card.  Please note that all deposit payments are processed immediately upon receipt and final payment within 30 days of arrival and 60 days for Holidays. Payments by bank draft or money order should be made out to “Cayman Kai Vacations” and delivered to the following address:

Cayman Kai Vacations
244 Sweet Gum Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Please call for wire transfer instructions.  Should you elect to pay by wire transfer, please instruct your bank to wire funds in U.S. Dollars.  All charges for a wire transfer must be prepaid.  If your bank utilizes an intermediate bank, please ensure that those charges are prepaid as well.

If you are booking through some other agency that we advertise on (VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, etc.), the deposit and final payment will be paid to them in the matter they specify.

Summer/Fall/Winter/Holiday Reservations

SUMMER/FALL/WINTER RESERVATIONS: An initial fifty (50%) percent non-refundable deposit of the Total Rental Cost is required to confirm your reservation, with the balance payable not later than 30 days (60 days for Holidays) prior to your scheduled arrival.  Should your final payment not be received on or before the due date set forth in the Confirmation of Reservation to be provided to you, your reservation will be considered to have been cancelled by the reserving party and no refund of the initial deposit will be issued.  Final payments, once received, are also non-refundable.

HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS: An initial fifty (50%) percent non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of the Total Rental Cost is required to confirm your reservation during the Holiday season (arrival or departure on any of the dates indicated at the Holiday rate) with the balance payable no later than sixty (60) days prior to your scheduled arrival. Should your final payment not be received on or before sixty (60) days prior to your arrival, as indicated in the Confirmation of Reservation to be provided to you, your reservation will be considered to have been cancelled by the reserving party without further obligation on Owners’ part.  Once final payment is made, it is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

SPECIAL POLICY RE “LAST MINUTE” RESERVATIONS: All reservations booked within thirty (30) days of the scheduled arrival, or within sixty (60) days of arrival during the Holiday season, must be fully paid upon booking, and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

The initial deposit required to confirm a Summer/Fall/Winter reservation and your final payment, while not refundable, are transferable on a one-time basis to a new reservation without penalty as set forth in this section. The new booking must occur within the twelve months following the date of cancellation of your original reservation, and will be subject to availability and rates in effect during the season in which the new reservation is sought. Please note that for this policy to apply, your written notification of cancellation must be received at least forty-five (45) days prior to your original arrival date.

Provided notification is received at least forty-five (45) days prior to your original arrival date, your initial deposit and any final payment will be held for application to the new reservation dates. Please understand that if written notification is not actually received at least forty-five (45) days prior to your confirmed arrival date, your entitlement to transfer your original reservation will have expired and there will be no refund of either the initial deposit or final payment.

This policy does not apply to bookings within thirty (30) days of arrival, no-shows and early departures.  All reservations booked within thirty (30) days of arrival must be fully paid upon booking, and are non-transferable and non-refundable.  No-shows and early departures are also non-refundable and non-transferable.

Terms & Conditions and Hold Harmless Agreement Policy

A "Terms & Conditions and Hold Harmless Agreement" for the use of the individual property and its amenities must be signed and return with your deposit. If we do not receive it by the time of your arrival, we have the right to refuse your entry to the property.

Occupancy Policy

All Properties are licensed to accommodate a maximum for that Property; at no time will more  be allowed to occupy the premise. As all Properties are set in a tranquil, relaxing family-friendly vacation and residential area, no loudness or other activity or behavior which might be disturbing to other guests or our neighbors is allowed.

The premises shall be used for residential vacation rental purposes only. Special events such as parties, receptions, etc. shall not be allowed without Owners’ prior written consent. Filmmaking, photo shoots and/or other commercial activities are prohibited, nor shall any unlawful, improper, or offensive use be permitted to occur.

Use of the property, grounds and amenities of all properties by Guest(s)/Renter(s), their families, guests and visitors is subject to the Hold Harmless and Terms & Conditions Agreement of which these Terms & Conditions Regarding Reservations and Occupancy are a part. By renting all properties, all parties agree to be bound by the terms hereof. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Hold Harmless and Terms & Conditions Agreement.

Overcrowding or misrepresentation shall be grounds for immediate eviction without refund. Properties may not be sublet or assigned to others.

Owners (including our Property Manager) reserve the right to terminate any rental and evict Guest(s)/Renter(s) immediately if, in our judgment, any of these policies have been or are being violated.


Guest(s)/Renter(s) accept each and every obligation or responsibility of whatever type or description,  including, without limitation, acts of his/her family members, guest(s) and visitors, for any loss or damage to the Rental Property while Guest(s)/Renter(s) are renting or otherwise occupying or utilizing the same and agree to fully compensate the Owners of the property for any loss or damage thereto, except only such loss or damage as is caused by (i) an Act of God (including a weather event or earthquake); or (ii) a pre-existing fault or deficiency in the Rental Property.  Owners shall be entitled, without recourse therefrom, to collect from the Guest(s)/Renter(s) for any such loss or damage to the Rental Property, including its contents and/or equipment.

Owners are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, or left behind in the unit and are not liable for any damages to persons or their property while at the Rental Property.

In the event Guest(s)/Renter(s) misplace or lose the keys to Island House #14, or should they lock themselves out of the premises, there will be a charge of $35.00 for the replacement thereof.

Condition of Premises

The properties are rented with Owners’ furnishings and equipment as listed on the website. Should additional furnishings or equipment be required, every effort will be made to obtain the same at an additional charge. At no time may items belonging to Owners be removed from the Rental Property. Should any equipment be defective or  not function properly, or in the event of any damage, Guest(s)/Renter(s) should report the same to the Property Manager immediately. The Property Manager will then undertake reasonable efforts to remediate reported problems during normal business hours. Please do understand that delays in the receipt of parts and the accomplishment of repairs can be a normal part of Island life. Accordingly, there will be no refunds for such inconvenience. Guest(s)/Renter(s) authorize Owners, including their Property Manager, to repair damages or losses caused by Guest(s)/Renter(s), including their family members, guests and/or visitors, at the separate expense of Guest(s)/Renter(s).

Guest(s)/Renter(s) agree to keep the Rental Property, including the inside and the outside of the property, in a clean and orderly condition. While a security deposit is not required, should the Property Manager determine that Guest(s)/Renter(s) have left the Rental Property in an unreasonably unclean condition, Owners have the right to surcharge Guest(s)/Renter(s) for their actual cost incurred in the remediation thereof.

Access to Premises

Owners, including their Property Manager or other authorized agent or representative, may enter the Rental Property for the following reasons: (i) for purposes of assessing damages or malfunctions: (ii) to perform repairs and/or maintenance; (iii) to supply agreed upon services; or (iv) in case of emergency. Owners reserve the right to enter the property any time for the purpose of safekeeping and/or the prevention of further damage.


All properties are smoke-free. Guests may smoke outside only. Please dispose of all smoking materials safely and appropriately and do not discard on the grounds.


Pets or other animals of any kind are not allowed in the Property or otherwise upon the common areas of Property at any time.

Subject to Change

All pictures, video, postings and other information regarding rates, availability, policies and amenities are believed to be true and correct in all material respects.  Please do understand that changes can occur to furniture and amenities due to remodeling, mechanical failure, stolen or misplaced amenities, etc. Owners will endeavor to notify Guest(s)/Renter(s) of all such changes or adjustments prior to confirming your reservation.  However, the furnishings and amenities of all properties are accordingly subject to change without notice.

Adverse Event Policy

Should the property be or for any reason become unsuitable for habitation during the period of your reservation, Guest(s)/Renter(s) shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of Guest(s)/Renter(s) initial deposit and/or final payment as the sole obligation of Owners to Guest(s)/Renter(s) resulting therefrom.  Should Guest(s)/Renter(s) instead elect to have Owners retain said funds for application toward an alternate reservation at the Property within the twelve (12) month period immediately following your original reservation, subject only to availability accommodations will be provided at the rate(s) applicable at the time of the original reservation. In the event the Property cannot be occupied within this twelve (12) month period, the initial deposit and/or final payment will be refunded less credit card processing charges without any further obligation in Owners to Guest(s)/Renter(s).

Should local authorities issue a Tropical Storm Warning* or Hurricane Warning** for Grand Cayman, or should a natural or other disaster threaten or damage the Rental Property may become unavailable before or during your scheduled reservation and it may be necessary to ask that you not come or depart prematurely. In any such event, the Owners’ liability shall be strictly limited to a partial or full refund, as appropriate, of Guest(s)/Renter(s) initial deposit and/or final payment, the same to be calculated on a “per day” basis. Owners shall have no other or further liability or obligation to Guest(s)/Renter(s) of whatever type or description, whether resulting from an early termination or a cancellation, or otherwise, specifically including without limitation liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Owners strongly recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect your investment in your reservation, particularly if you are traveling during the official hurricane season of June 1 to November 30.  Such a policy will typically cover travel, medical and other emergency, natural disaster, etc. expenses, but please verify all terms and conditions with your particular insurance carrier.

*A Tropical Storm is defined/validated by the National Hurricane Centeras a weather system with sustained surface winds of 39-73 mph.

 **A Hurricane is defined/validated by the National Hurricane Center, as a tropical cyclone/hurricane in which the maximum sustained surface winds are 74 mph (64 knots) or greater.

The above set forth Provisions Regarding Reservations and Occupancy may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Owners. Changes occurring prior to Guest(s)/Renter(s) execution and return of the certain Hold Harmless and Terms & Conditions Agreement to which these Terms & Conditions Regarding Reservations and Occupancy are appended shall be communicated to and shall thereby bind Guest(s)/Renter(s).  No occupancy of the Property shall be allowed until all Guest(s)/Renter(s) have first executed and returned the same.

This policy is subject to change without notice and to the discretion of Cayman Kai Vacations and the Owners of the properties.

"Privacy, Credit Card PCI DSS Compliance and Security Policy"

We respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website. Cayman Kai Vacations is committed to protecting your Privacy and Credit Card information supplied to us. We take great measures to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and security of any personal or credit card information given to us with regards to your reservation. All personal information and credit card information supplied will remain within Cayman Kai Vacations and will not be shared with any external entity. No credit card information will be stored on our computer system at any time. Your personal information will not be sold, distributed or published in any manner whatsoever.

Cayman Kai Vacations meets the PCI data security requirements by passing a Security Metrics Site Certification vulnerability scan and is tested quarterly to ensure that high-security standards are maintained, which significantly reduces the risk that this site will be compromised and credit card or other sensitive data will be stolen or misused.

All information, policies, rates, availability dates, amenities and Terms and Conditions listed on this website for Cayman Kai Vacations and each Island House are believed to be true and correct but can change at any time. If there is a difference in the listed information, policies, rates, availability dates, amenities and Terms and Conditions and the actual information, policies, rates, availability dates, amenities and Terms and Conditions for your selected property, we will contact you before we finalize any reservation.

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