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"85 Degrees"
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"82 Degrees"
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Average number of spectacular sunsets at Rum Point Beach in a week

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Barefoot Lagoon #11
Toto Kai #13
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The Retreat at Rum Point
RUnit 12- 1 Bedroom
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RUnit 17-2 Bedrooms
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The Garden of the Kai
Garden of Kai#5- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#8- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#10-2Beds
Garden of Kai#3-3Beds
Garden of Kai#9- 3Beds
Garden of Kai#13-2Beds
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Pool #1-1 Bedroom
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Pool #9-1 bedroom
Pool #11-2 bedrooms
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Unit #208 2 Bedrooms
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Villa Azure Breeze
Kaiband Villa
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Rum Cove-1 Bed
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"Cayman Kai Vacations"
Specializing in offering the
Island Houses of Cayman Kai

Vacation Rentals, Rental Management, & Investment Properties
  in the  Cayman Kai/Rum Point Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Specializing in offering
Villa's, Condominiums

Vacation Rentals, Rental Management & Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point & North Side area Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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The Kaibo has the "Upstairs Restaurant, the Kaibo Beach Restaurantl, Coffee Shop, Complete Marina, Convenience Store and a Gas Station for your use.
To get more detail information please visit their web site - The Kaibo



Kaibo reopens Saturday June 13th

 We’ve missed you and can’t wait to welcome you back to the beach where you belong. To do so safely and cautiously, we’ve made some noticeable and necessary changes to our operations. We consulted with leading health experts to take into account the complete guest experience. We’re also offering hassle-free online reservations for lunch and dinner at weekends, so you can book with zero stress.

 Gather family together, at a time that matters most…. your time.


Click to make a Reservation at Kaibo Beach Restaurant

Click to make a Reservation at Kaibo Upstairs Restaurant

"The oldest and the favorite local beach bar in Cayman Kai, Kaibo Beach Bar combines the feel of down-to-earth beach shack with the elegance of one of the Island’s finer establishments. Several transformations since the purpose built beach shack was first erected in the ’70s to serve drinks to HRH Queen Elizabeth on her tour of Grand Cayman, Kaibo Beach Bar’s charm remains intact. Kaibo Beach grill serves local specialities all day and the drinks are worth the discovery.

Kaibo Beach Bar, bamboo clad, with thatch roof and fairy light trim is at the heart of this unique piece of paradise. A world away from Seven Mile strip of Grand Cayman, Kaibo Beach is a genuine family run facility, popular with islanders.
"The Kaibo" is within a short walk, bicycle or car ride from "The Island Houses of Cayman Kai".
Click on small picture to see location of "The Kaibo"

Image may contain: table and indoor
Reservations recommended.
For reservations and more information
Call or Email and mention you are renting an
"Island House of Cayman Kai".
Phone: (345) 947-9975.
Fax: (345) 947-9976
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Kaibo Beach Resaurant is well known for its wide selection of ice cold beer, (the coldest on the island, several degrees below refrigeration) devotedly covered by fresh mountains of ice, day and night.

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No Reservations are required at the Beach Bar
but they will accept them on request.
For reservations and more information
Call and mention you are renting an "Island House of Cayman Kai".
Phone: (345) 947-9975.
Fax: (345) 947-9976
Come play on the beach, take a dip in the water,
have lunch or dinner or just relax.

Coffee Shop at the Kaibo


Gourmet Breakfast

Introducing Kaibo Beach Espresso - the new coffeehouse on the beach. Here you can experience our single-source organic speciality coffee. Collaborating with an artisan roaster, we can ensure consistently excellent coffee is in your cup. You can also choose from local teas, juices, kombucha, pastries, paninis and to-die-for breakfast cereal.


Hours that suit you

We are open at 7am daily, to start your day at sunrise. On Holiday Monday, Heroes Day 26th January, we have extended hours till 6pm. Every Saturday and Sunday we are open til 4pm, because everyone deserves a good lie-in at the weekend!

Gas is available for both boat and car, if you wish to refuel your vehicles too.


Single Source Coffee

We've recently received our shipment of single-source, organic specialty Colombian coffee. The 100% arabica beans pull silky espresso shots giving hints of chocolate, carmel and orange.

Farm grown in Concordia, Colombia; hand roasted in Downtown Miami; shots pulled here at Kaibo Beach Espresso, Cayman Islands.

Pastry Heaven

We have plenty of new breakfast pastries to try! Raisin and cinnamon swirl, almond croissants, choc-chip cookies, chocolate brownies,  and apple turnovers: all freshly baked in-house each morning. The homemade breakfast bacon and egg paninis are pressed on the grill to order. We challenge you to ignore those tastebud tantalizing aromas...


Say Hello!

Chris, from Edinburgh’s Café Nero, just landed on the beach, and Sebastian hails from several of Sweden’s coffeehouses. Please come and introduce yourself!

Get involved with the North Side community, and become part of the Kaibo Espresso family. Give us your feedback: any ideas of products you would like to see and event you would like to host? 



Charity KickStart!

Get your New Year resolutions to good use, for the Cancer Society charity! Sunday 25th January – North Side Stride Against Cancer 6 mile Walk/Run – Starts 7am from Old Man Bay Boat Dock ends at Kaibo Beach – raffle prizes afterwards on the new breakfast deck with your North Side neighbours. Sign up forms are inside Kaibo Espresso, or online. (Select 'NorthSide Stride')



For the first time in several years, "Cayman Ferries"  service plans to offer trips from Camana Bay to Rum Point and The Kaibo.

From Camana Bay to  Rum Point and The Kaibo within in 20 minutes rather than the 45 minute drive time.

 CAYMAN FERRIES  will start with a few trips a day, and go from there.

Cayman Ferries said it new 30 passenger catamaran will deliver a smooth ride across the Island in around half the time.

The ferry accommodates around 30 passengers, and a round trip ticket will cost around $20.00 USD.

The Sweet Spot Watersports

North Sandbar

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Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands has some of the best watersports in the Caribbean, if not the world.

They offer Kiteboarding Lessons, Bioluminescence Tours, Mangrove Tours, Standup Paddleboarding and Wakeboarding. Plus we sell both new and used Cabrinha kiteboarding equipment, Standup Paddleboards, Apparel and Seaspecs sunglasses.

There are two location on Grand Cayman

Eastern/Northside Districts

East End – The north-eastern end of Grand Cayman is the other main riding area during the winter windy season. It is a large protected sound with a variety of terrain, from shallow water sandbars to semi-deep chop to waves in the channels. The barrier reef encloses the entire eastern side of Grand Cayman giving different options for wind direction between NW and SW.

On N winds the most common launches are on the NE corner of East End. The Sweet Spot has a kiteboarding specific beach on the most northeasterly tip of the island, with easy access to shallow sandbars, open water and waves. There is also Collier’s Public Beach less than a mile south that has access to the north section of the sound. At the Public Beach be aware of non-kiting beach goers and rocks near the shoreline.

On S winds there is another Public Beach in East End village that has good access to the south section of the sound, with shallow flat water areas and waves outside the barrier reef, including the surf spot known as “The Anchor”.

Starfish Point/Rum Point - The eastern side of the North Sound has good shallow water riding when the wind comes from the west, including SW, NW and N wind conditions. There is a large area of semi-shallow water between Rum Point

and Starfish Point that gives flat water conditions. The barrier reef is also accessible within a couple tacks for wave riding.

It is mostly private property in this area, so there are not many launches. People do launch from Starfish Point, but it is considered private property, so please respect the landowners. Best option is to arrive at one of the sandbars by boat and setup away from shore. The Sweet Spot organizes boat trips from Kaibo Yacht Club on west wind days.

Frank Sound/Pease Bay/Bodden Town - The south side of the Eastern Districts have 3 sounds that are ride-able in south winds. The launches are tight, making it difficult to launch, but the riding is in large wide-open areas with very little crowds.

Frank Sound is the largest sound with a barrier reef running East to West, and up to 1 mile offshore. The water inside the reef is shallow and very flat, while there are some waves breaking outside the reef. Pease Bay and Bodden Town are smaller

sounds that connect to each other, both have flat water sections and waves too.

The best launching is from Heritage Beach in Frank Sound, it is a small beach, but with lots of shallow water just offshore for launching. There are other private property beaches along the coast that some people use as well, but check with the landowner first.

The KiteHouse

The Kitehouse Cayman Islands, we will be happy to help plan your kite boarding experience.

In Grand Cayman we are blessed with warm steady wind nearly year round, crystal clear water and plenty to do no matter what the weather. Our partnership with Ocean Frontiers brings together world class scuba diving and world class kite boarding in a relaxing Caribbean island style.

All our lessons are private and customized to each student's level with highly experienced instructors. Our 22 foot kite chase boat takes us to safe, shallow and uncrowned sandbars; the perfect learning environment. Using a proven and safe teaching method in an area without obstacles lets you concentrate on learning, not surviving. The Kitehouse Cayman is based at Ocean Frontiers, located on the pristine East End of Grand Cayman. Just a short boat ride to some of the best kiting and diving spots that the Caribbean has to offer. We are open until August. During this time we give 3 lessons per day, everyday. One at 9am, 12pm and 4pm. Each lesson is a private 2 hour lesson. And you can bring a friend for only $50 extra. No wind days are a breeze too. Besides the excellent diving, there is standup paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, cave tours or just relaxing in a hammock next to the ocean. Then a nice sunset at Rum Point.... no description needed.

Paddle boarding, beach volley, kiting and comprehensive water sports add to the attraction to spend your day at Kaibo Beach.

Kaibo Express Water Taxi offers a comfortable seated crossing for only $25. The luxury vessel holds up to 15 passengers. You can enjoy your visit to Kaibo in the knowledge that you will transported home safely by a responsible and experienced boat captain.

The taxi can collect from a number of locations on the North Sound at the time of your choice. Kaibo recommends Camana Bay as an ideal collection point, and a place to shop or grab a drink before pick up.

The 28′ Formula offers a comfortable crossing, which can take between 10-18 minutes each way, depending on the wave direction and wind force. Price per head is $25 for a round trip. A minimum spend of 6 people applies per crossing, with the exception of the BBQ on Tuesday and special offers. If you have less than 6 people in your group we will always try to pair you with another group to make the crossing viable. Bad weather may cause the cancellation of a pre-booked crossing, in this instance you will be notified in advance. life vests are available on board if you wish.

On Tuesday nights for the BBQ , pick up is 6pm and return journey laves at 9.00pm. $45 for eat all you can BBQ and taxi inclusive.

Please call 947-9975 to reserve or email us kaibo@thebeach.com

Offers free Wireless Internet Service, even when they are closed.

MASSAGE ON THE BEACH - Every Sunday professional massage in a curtained cabana under the coconut palms of Kaibo Beach - $25 per half hour. Book your slot on the day with the wonderful Phyllis.


The Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill opens at 11 am, 7 days a week and offers their guests incredible views of the North Sound. Some of their specialties are Mississippi Mud Pie, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Island Rum Carrot Cake and Praline Crème Brule. They also serves appetizers, soups, salads and Po-Boy Sandwiches. Enjoy a refreshing beverage, great food and good music. Water sports and volleyball round out the Kaibo’s attractions - there’s always good times and good friends at the Kaibo, so - "Let the Good Times Roll!"

The Marina

If you have your own vessel, you can pull into our marina with conveniently located fuel dock,
power and water hook-up, wireless internet connection. What more could you ask for!

Need more information or have questions


Robert Wagner
Phone Number (412) 828-2111

Cayman Kai Vacations
Specializing in
offering in Cayman Kai/Rum Point and the North Side of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Vacation Rentals, Rental Management and Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area, Grand Caymans, Cayman Islands.
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