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"82 Degrees"
Average Water Temperature

Average number of spectacular sunsets at Rum Point Beach in a week

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"Island Houses"
Sweetie Kai #6
Kai Life #7
Barefoot Lagoon#11
Toto Kai #13
Kai Time #14
Kai Kotch#17
Seaside Dreams #20
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"The Retreat at Rum Point"
RUnit 12- 1 Bedroom
RUnit 13-1 Bedroom
RUnit 15-1 Bedroom
RUnit 17-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 19- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 20-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 22-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 23-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 27-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 32- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 33- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 28-3 Bedrooms
RUnit 30- 3 Bedrooms
"The Garden of the Kai"
Garden of Kai#5- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#8- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#10-2Beds
Garden of Kai#3-3Beds
Garden of Kai#13-2Beds
Garden of Kai#16-3Beds
Kaibo Phase IWee Kai
"Kaibo Condo Phase II
Kaibo Condos A5
Kaibo Condos A8
Kaibo Condos B18
Kaibo Condos C22
"The Pools"
Pool #1-1 Bedroom
Pool #4-1 Bedroom
Pool #9-1 Bedroom
Pool #11-2 Bedrooms
Unit #208 2 Bedrooms
"Villas"- Cayman Kai
Well Sea - 4 Max
Azure Breeze - 6 Max
Just for Fun - 6 Max
Finger Tip- 6 Max
Peace and Kai It - 6 Max
Kaiband - 6 Max
Sea Cove - 6 Max
Kai Zen - 6 Max
S'Kai Fail l - 7 Max
Kailypso  8 Max
Tarasand - 8 Max
Champagne - 8 Max
Bit of Heaven - 8 Max
Les Jalousies - 8 Max
White Dahlia- 10 Max
Great Escape - 10 Max
Sea Sea Sea -10 Max
Two Rainbows -10 Max
S'Kai Blue - 11 Max
Crystal Waters - 12 Max
Kai Conut - 12 Max
Hidden Cove -12 Max
Paradis Sur Mer - 12 Max
Moon Kai - 14 Max
Cos Kai -15 Max
Kaiku - 15 Max
Abita Ka -16 Max
Villas- Rum Point
Kai Tana- 4 Max
Cayman Dream- 6 Max
Thatch Hill- 7 Max
Reef Romance- 10 Max
Coconut Beach- 12 Max
Amoraflora- 12 Max
Rum Cove-1 Bed
Rum Haven- 1 bed
Bio Cove
Crystal Caves
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"Island Houses of Cayman Kai"
Island House #11
31 Sand Pointe Road
Cayman Kai, Rum Point
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
These are actual "Comments" emailed to
us from our Guest after their stay at Barefoot Lagoon".
"Satisfied Guest"
I found a "Six Finger Star Fish" at Rum Point Beach

We could have easily turned two weeks into four weeks here at your lovely Island House at Cayman Kai. Everything was so lovely and comfortable. Tony and Linda D'Oranzio, Chalfont, PA.
Had a great two weeks. The house has everything, in great shape and very clean. Plus great neighbors. Already planning for next year at least two week and maybe four weeks. Angelo & Alice Baroni, Philadelphia, Pa
Thank you for the your lovely Island House. It is rare that we find a home away from home! We loved the Cayman Island. It has been our most restful vacation, yet we still got to do many things. We loved the Stingrays! Lisa, Burton and Noah Warren, Long Island, New York
I didn't get a chance to leave feedback at the house as we spent to much time relaxing at the beach with a "Rum Point Sunset" in hand. I wanted to thank you for your initial call to us regarding your the Island House and the time spent educating us about the island and locals. I am so thankful as we all decided that the best place to stay on Grand Cayman is the Island House at Cayman Kai. The perfect location for nothing but relaxation. We ventured into Georgetown, the West End and Seven Mile Beach area and were overwhelmed with all the people and crowded beaches. Our children enjoyed the lagoon area with the hermit crabs, jellyfish, land crabs and fish. They had a wonderful time playing with the swim noodles and rafts and my husband and I took turns snorkeling off the beach. If we had initially stayed on Seven Mile Beach I'm certain we would have been greatly disappointed as our whole intent was relaxation. One of our best nights was spent at Cecil's out on the lanai watching the sunset. I am  back to work almost depressed as I miss the beach and the house. Our last night there we hung out on the hammocks watching the stars (which I haven't seen that many stars in years) as both my girls cried because we had to go home. Thanks so Much! Keith, Niki, Jordyn and Brooke Saindon, Broomfield, CO
We had a wonderful vacation in the Cayman Islands.  It was so beautiful, with great weather, nice people and your home is very pretty.  We went swimming with the sting rays. Several days it was windy so we drove to the south side of the island to beaches (Spotts) to get away from the wind.  The snorkeling was amazing, I have never seen so many conch shells. Staying in Rum Point was great, it was nice to be able to walk across the street to the beach and to eat. The whole family got a kick out of the rental car with the steering wheel on the opposite side and driving on the left side. It was a wonderful vacation and we look forward to our next visit. Thank you for all of your advice with the house, pool and kayak. We did try the kayak one evening in the lagoon and everyone had fun.  Thanks again and we hope to get back there soon. Todd & Eileen Carter and Family, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip- the Island, the weather, the sea, the people and Barefoot Lagoon were delightful. What a wonderful experience we had and hope to repeat. Alvin and Konnie Smithers & Family, Flintstone, GA

We had the "MOST" relaxing vacation we have ever had! Since we've been to 7-mile before, and have seen most of the island, we felt compelled to lay on the beach, try ALL of the tropical drinks the Wreck Bar offered, go sailing, some diving, and some eating out, and a little shopping. The house was great and we were very happy we chose yours (we had looked at another home in the area that "claimed" to be within walking distance to the beach, but in reality was not- we drove around and found it!). Our youngest used the kayak a couple of times (and we were sure to secure everything when we left), but mostly we loved the porch in the morning having coffee and enjoying the outstanding view! Thanks again- we Really all needed a break!! Dawn, Andy, Adam, Grant, and Ross Johnson, Fort Worth, TX.

 WOW. What else can we say? This was by far the best vacation we ever had and we have been all over. Add us to the list of people who will be back. The big decision daily was should we walk across the street and snorkel all day, at Rum Point Beach, or walk out back and jump in the pool. Rum Point Beach was perfect. It has everything we could want. We ate lunches there and the dinners were exceptional. The gift shop had everything we would want. Red Sail and Captain Ebanks were great. Whatever you could want is just a walk across the street. It is so clean and I was so amazed that there were always open space and an available lawn chair. The Ferry shuttle to 7 Mile Beach was a great ride and allows you to spend the day at 7 Mile Beach and do so many things. Our favorite day at 7 Mile Beach was paragliding.
Everything was so perfect. The house was wonderful and the best touch for me was the bedroom set up. We bought a guest and to have 2 separate suites was wonderful. Since I also traveled with teenagers it was great for me to go upstairs and be able to watch cable TV and let them have the downstairs to blast music and play video games - we brought our own X Box.
The house had everything we needed. We did make it to 7 Mile Beach but were so happy to come back to paradise. It was so quiet at Cayman Kai. So beautiful and friendly. We loved the people, so kind and easy going. Everyone smiles and is friendly.
The Island is so beautiful and there is no bard part on it. We spent 2 full weeks and went everywhere. 
Our favorite was snorkeling with the sting rays. What an experience. This is the only place in the world you can do this. We had to go again and again. My favorite memory was being able to hold one. This is a memory that will last forever. The sea turtle farm and butterfly farm are a must see. The submarine ride was also excellent for those of us who do not snorkel.
The food, it is so incredible. We could not believe, on such a small island ,there would be over 100 places to eat and all are so great. The service was superb and people so friendly. Conch Sushi was incredible. Our favorite place to eat was Kaibo Kai. We were regulars there. Every meal we had was a 4 star meal.
We felt so lucky to have found the Island House. There are many houses to rent but the pool was a wonderful extra. I lived at the pool and had it alone most days.
We all agreed that we had the best house and the best place to stay. We agreed to return next year, after only a few days on Grand Cayman. We could have stayed another week.
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your home.  
Cheers, Cheryl Holmes, daughter and friend, Burlingame, CA
We are still trying to get our feet back on the ground after ten days in the Caymans!  The beaches and turquoise waters of Rum Point are perhaps the most beautiful in the world!  Thanks to Hurricane Ivan, there is now even more gorgeous white sand to enjoy!!  And better yet, thanks to Barefoot Lagoon for getting us so close to paradise...
Craig and Jamie Patrick, Fox Chapel, PA

We had a wonderful stay and want to thank you for such a nice place.  We had everything we needed, and were very appreciative of the bikes and snorkeling equipment. The island was fantastic, but wished we had a few more people staying in the other Island Houses as the kids were searching for friends.  Of course, as adults we didn't mind it because it meant more bonding time for us. This was one of the best vacations we've ever had as a family.  We feel so badly about the air conditioner breaking.  I alerted the management company immediately, and they reassured us that it was due to a blocked filter rather than anything we did. We also feel that we may have lost one of your lovely beach towels, so we replaced it with another nearly new towel that we hope will fill in for the other.  If you would prefer, we can send you a brand new one from Michigan. Thanks again for such a lovely time. We will definitely try to come back. Lisa Allen Kost and Family, Okemos, MI

  We loved the Island House. The best part was the screened in Patio.  We spent a lot of time there.  There was a breeze most of the time so we didn't use the air conditioning much. It was great to just walk across to the beach and snorkel.  We also snorkeled at Turtle Island.  That was awesome!  We also found a little beach area on the way to George Town that had the best snorkeling of all.  The Caymans is fairly expensive so we bought groceries for the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Driving on the left side of the road was stressful but my husband did well after a couple of days. Thanks -Bill and Sharon Jansen, Berthoud, CO

Well, we are back in Cleveland, welcomed by a thunderstorm that provided a little roller coaster ride for the kids on the trip home. Thanks again for letting us stay at your home. It was wonderful! Rum Point was perfect for our small kids. They got a chance to get comfortable swimming and snorkeling before we took them over to Seven Mile Beach and Sting Ray city. Despite all the anxiety at the beginning of the trip (thanks to Hurricane Emily) we had absolutely perfect weather and your place was perfect. Anyone wishing to rent from you should be assured that the pictures on your website are accurate, and that if you are looking for a nice quiet relaxing vacation in a little piece of paradise, this is it! What was interesting was talking with your neighbors whose management company were not nearly as responsive as yours. - Chris, Mary, Kyle, Jackie and Matt Madison, Cleveland, Ohio


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