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Cayman Kai Vacations

Specializing in offering the
Vacation Rentals, Rental Management and Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Experience Cayman from beneath the waves in a state-of-the-art submarine. This is a must for non-divers and divers alike. See beautiful coral reefs and magnificent tropical fish from the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine cabin.

Why not, it should! Which kid doesn't want to get up close and personal to hundreds of rainbow colored tropical fish without having to step foot in water. If lucky, one may get to see a reef shark, a hawksbill turtle, a moray eel or a pair of spotted eagle rays. Who knows what one may see swimming next to them! What better way for a kid to really enjoy the Cayman Islands than this underwater experience of a lifetime.

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This video might take a few seconds to load

The Atlantis Submarine excursion in Grand Cayman is one of the great Grand Cayman excursions you do not want to miss!  Located a few steps away from the Cruise Ship Terminal Dock in George Town, the Submarine's flexible departure times and proximity to your Cruise Ship tender makes the underwater tour an easy choice.

Atlantis offers the most comfortable way to experience the magnificent marine life of Grand Cayman without getting wet!  This unique excursion is perfect for Adults and children alike. 

The Atlantis Submarine is a 48 passenger fully submerged excursion.  Passengers are taken to the submarine from shore on the comfortable Sub Shuttle Yukon, the trip takes a minimal 10 minutes, and once at the sub it's an easy step off the boat and into the Submarine.

The excursion takes place submerged in the magnificent Grand Cayman underwater world, you will be traveling through the coral canyons amongst our abundant Sea life, viewing vibrantly colored coral, fish, sponges, stingrays, turtles and on rare occasions, a shark!  All this while cruising alongside the marvelous Cayman Wall!  The tour leaves all passengers mesmerized  by the shear underwater beauty our Island offers.

Atlantis Submarines offers visitors with the only alternative to scuba diving without the need to be a certified diver or getting wet.  The Air-conditioned ultramodern Submarine features large viewing windows and plenty of elbowroom for all passengers on board.  The sub comes with a certified Captain as well as an extremely informative guide, explaining our underwater creatures you will be viewing every step of the way!

Submarine Excursion Itinerary  


The Atlantis Office is located 2 minutes from the South or North George Town Cruise Ship Terminals and directly across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe.


The Sub Shuttle Submarine Tender will take you to the submarine in approximately 10 minutes.


Once you have boarded the submarine the underwater excursion is 50 minutes, you will be taken down to depths between 65 and 100 feet to view the incredible Cayman Islands Marine Life right on the ledge of the famed Cayman Wall!!!


The Sub Shuttle will take you back to shore in approximately 10 minutes.


The entire excursion will take 1 hour and 30 minutes from start to finish.


Requirements:  Children must be at least 3ft tall, Tour must be booked On-Line on our secure reservation  system in order to receive this price, the Submarine adventure is not wheelchair accessible.



Atlantis Deep Explorer Excursion

Discover the mysteries of the deep with Atlantis Deep Explorer Submarine!  Atlantis Submarines offers the only Research Submarine Excursions in the World to these depths on a daily schedule!  Dive to a maximum depth of 800ft in air-conditioned comfort while descending the majestic Cayman Wall!  The Atlantis Deep Explorer Excursion is a two passenger research submarine, your guide is an experienced Certified Submarine Pilot who will be explaining all the mysteries of the deep every inch of the way.

After a short boat ride from the Atlantis Submarine Office, located next to the Cruise Ship Dock of Grand Cayman, you will be taken to the submarine on the ledge of the Cayman Wall where you will descend shortly into the deep ocean blue.  Grand Cayman's superior water clarity will astound you, even at depths of 300ft where you will encounter the sponge belt, an area boasting hundreds of thousands sponges of all colors, shapes and sizes.  This is an area too deep to be explored by any recreational scuba diver, one of the main reasons so many certified divers take advantage of the Atlantis Exploration Submarine.

The 1000' dive excursion will take about 1 1/2 hrs from "dock to dock".  A personalized video of the entire deep dive will be available upon request and video/picture opportunity will be plenty!  It is a great keepsake and includes informative narration describing the creatures of the deep.  It is not unusual to encounter extremely rare or unseen creatures at the depth of 800ft, so have your camera ready just in case....

The Deep Dive Submarine Excursion is a highly demanded excursion in the Cayman Islands, being the only available excursion of this kind in the World; reservations should be made well in advance of your requested dates!  The Atlantis Deep Explorers Submarines have recently been used in filming the Deep for BBC's series The Blue Planet, The Abyss-Live, and the PBS program, A Dive to the Abyss

Atlantis Submarine
Located in George Town. 48 passenger submarine, diving to 100ft. Narrated tour, offering day and night dives.
Tel: 345-949-7700

Atlantis Deep Explorer
Located in George Town. You and your fellow submariner sit side by side in front of a large three foot diameter view-port that is your window into this rarely viewed world. Only 2 passengers at a time. 800ft & 1,000ft dives. Minimum age 8. Tel: 345-949-7700

Nautilus Semi-Submarine
Located in George Town. Sailing six feet below the surface of the water, while never being fully submerged, travel to the shipwrecks and reefs. Narrator included.
Tel: 345-945-1355




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Cayman Kai Vacations
Specializing in offering
"The Island Houses of Cayman Kai"
Vacation Rentals, Rental Management and Investment Properties
in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
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