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Island Houses-2BDRS"
Deja Blu#4
Sweetie Kai #6
Kai Life #7
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"Kaibo Condo Phase II
Starfish Kai- 2 BBDRS
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Rum Point Club Resort
RPCR307- 1 Bedroom
RPCR205-2 Bedroom
RPCR207- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR208- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR304- 2 Bedroom
RPCR306-3 Bedroom
RPCR308 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR404- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR405 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR407-2 bedroom
RPCR 408 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR203 - 3 Bedroom
RPCR206- 3 Bedrooms
RPCP503PH- 3  Bedrooms
RPCR504PH -3 Bedrooms
RPCR501PH -4 Bedrooms
RPCR201-4 Bedroom
RPCR401 -4 Bedrooms
"Villas"- Cayman Kai
Kaibo Dreams-1 BDR
Well Sea - 2 BDS
Cayman Dream - 2 BDRS
Just for Fun - 3 BDRS
Finger Tip- 3 BDRS
Peace and Kai It -3 BDRS
Sea Cove -3 BDRS
Kai Zen - 3 BDRS
S'Kai Fail l - 3 BDRS
Kailypso 3 BDRS
Les Jalousies - 3 BDRS
Bit of Heaven - 3 BDRS
Kai-Yak Cove - 4 BDRS
Sea 2 Infinity -4 BDRS
Tarasand - 4 BDRS
Castaway Cove- 4 BDRS
White Dahlia- 4 BDRS
Great Escape - 4 BDRS
S'Kai Blue - 4 BDRS
Two Rainbows -5 BDRS
Kai Conut - 5 BDRS
Cos Kai -5 BDRS
Abita Ka - 5 BDRS
Crystal Waters - 6 BDRS
Hidden Cove - 6 BDRS
Paradis Sur Mer - 6 BDRS
Kai Kamina- 6 BDRS
Coconut Beach- 6 BDRS
Moon Kai - 6 BDRS
S"Kai Villas - 7 BDRS
Kempa- Kai -7 BDRS
Kaiku - 8 BDRS
Sun Rays - 8 BDRS
Villas- North/East End
Kai Tana- 2 BDRS
Thatch Hill- 2 BDRS
Reef Romance- 5 BRDS
South Bay Beach Club 7Mile
Unit #28-3 Bds Room
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"Villas, Rum Point Club Resort,
 Island Houses and Condominiums"
in Cayman Kai/Rum Point and North Side of Grand Cayman
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The Cayman Islands enjoy a prevailing Northeast wind at an average speed of 15knots. This gentle tropical breeze makes the Islands a perfect playground for Parasailing, Sailing and Windsurfing.

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Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands has some of the best watersports in the Caribbean, if not the world.

They offer Kiteboarding Lessons, Bioluminescence Tours, Mangrove Tours, Standup Paddleboarding and Wakeboarding.

Plus we sell both new and used Cabrinha kiteboarding equipment, Standup Paddleboards, Apparel and Seaspecs sunglasses.

There are two location on Grand Cayman

Eastern/Northside Districts

East End – The north-eastern end of Grand Cayman is the other main riding area during the winter windy season. It is a large protected sound with a variety of terrain, from shallow water sandbars to semi-deep chop to waves in the channels. The barrier reef encloses the entire eastern side of Grand Cayman giving different options for wind direction between NW and SW.

On N winds the most common launches are on the NE corner of East End. The Sweet Spot has a kiteboarding specific beach on the most northeasterly tip of the island, with easy access to shallow sandbars, open water and waves. There is also Collier’s Public Beach less than a mile south that has access to the north section of the sound. At the Public Beach be aware of non-kiting beach goers and rocks near the shoreline.

On S winds there is another Public Beach in East End village that has good access to the south section of the sound, with shallow flat water areas and waves outside the barrier reef, including the surf spot known as “The Anchor”.

Starfish Point/Rum Point - The eastern side of the North Sound has good shallow water riding when the wind comes from the west, including SW, NW and N wind conditions. There is a large area of semi-shallow water between Rum Point

and Starfish Point that gives flat water conditions. The barrier reef is also accessible within a couple tacks for wave riding.

It is mostly private property in this area, so there are not many launches. People do launch from Starfish Point, but it is considered private property, so please respect the landowners. Best option is to arrive at one of the sandbars by boat and setup away from shore. The Sweet Spot organizes boat trips from Kaibo Yacht Club on west wind days.

Frank Sound/Pease Bay/Bodden Town - The south side of the Eastern Districts have 3 sounds that are ride-able in south winds. The launches are tight, making it difficult to launch, but the riding is in large wide-open areas with very little crowds.

Frank Sound is the largest sound with a barrier reef running East to West, and up to 1 mile offshore. The water inside the reef is shallow and very flat, while there are some waves breaking outside the reef. Pease Bay and Bodden Town are smaller

sounds that connect to each other, both have flat water sections and waves too.

The best launching is from Heritage Beach in Frank Sound, it is a small beach, but with lots of shallow water just offshore for launching. There are other private property beaches along the coast that some people use as well, but check with the landowner first.


Parasailing - An experience that will not be forgotten. You'll rise to about 200 feet, towed aloft by a powerful speedboat, your parachute gently lifting you skyward. Marvel at the view of the Seven Mile Beach and George Town harbors, and, as you glide through the air, the cruise ships below seemed dwarfed. Enjoy the ride by yourself or with a companion.

 cayman parasailing photos grand cayman parasail rides cayman islands parasail

Parasailing Professionals
Seven Mile Beach. Free pickups along the beach.
Cell: 916-2953 Fax: 945-1059



Blue Water Beach Parasailing

BWB Parasailing

~Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands~
  • Enjoy the best views of Grand Cayman and some of the most vibrant waters in the world while soaring through the air at 400+ feet above the water!
  • Cayman’s only members of Professional Association of Parasail Operators (PAPO).
  • Boats and equipment are the newest and best available in the parasailing industry.
  • Fly solo or side by side.
  • No age limit.
  • Safe and fun.
  • Stay dry or get dipped!
  • Photo packages available to capture your exhilarating experience.
  • Contact us at (345)-525-5400 or kbeatch@bwbcayman.com.



Windsurfing - We don't have the big waves of Hawaii but it's just as much fun. The beginner will get lessons in staying upright and steering the sailboard, then it's fun in the sun. The water will lap at your feet as you glide quietly along the gentle waves, pushed by the warm Cayman sea breezes. For the more experienced, the strong winds of the east coast of the island will offer a challenge.

Other water sports include jet skiing, kayaking, water skiing, knee boarding and banana boat rides.

Cayman Windsurfing Ltd
Located at Morritts Tortuga Club, East End. Lessons & rentals.
Tel: 947-7492 Fax: 947-6763

Just give me a call!
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Robert Wagner
Phone Number (412) 828-2111


Cayman Kai Vacations
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"Villas, Island Houses, Town Houses,
 Condominiums and Single Family Houses"
in Cayman Kai/Rum Point area and the North Side of Grand Cayman
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