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"85 Degrees"
Average Temperature

"82 Degrees"
Average Water Temperature

Average number of spectacular sunsets at Rum Point Beach in a week

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"Island Houses"
Sweetie Kai #6
Kai Life #7
Barefoot Lagoon#11
Toto Kai #13
Kai Time #14
Kai Kotch#17
Seaside Dreams #20
Island Houses Reviews
"The Retreat at Rum Point"
RUnit 12- 1 Bedroom
RUnit 13-1 Bedroom
RUnit 15-1 Bedroom
RUnit 17-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 19- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 20-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 22-2 Bedrooms
RUnit 23-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 27-2BedroomDeluxe
RUnit 32- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 33- 2 Bedrooms
RUnit 28-3 Bedrooms
RUnit 30- 3 Bedrooms
"The Garden of the Kai"
Garden of Kai#5- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#8- 2Beds
Garden of Kai#10-2Beds
Garden of Kai#3-3Beds
Garden of Kai#13-2Beds
Garden of Kai#16-3Beds
Kaibo Phase IWee Kai
"Kaibo Condo Phase II
Kaibo Condos A5
Kaibo Condos A8
Kaibo Condos B18
Kaibo Condos C22
"The Pools"
Pool #1-1 Bedroom
Pool #4-1 Bedroom
Pool #9-1 Bedroom
Pool #11-2 Bedrooms
Unit #208 2 Bedrooms
"Villas"- Cayman Kai
Well Sea - 4 Max
Azure Breeze - 6 Max
Just for Fun - 6 Max
Finger Tip- 6 Max
Peace and Kai It - 6 Max
Kaiband - 6 Max
Sea Cove - 6 Max
Kai Zen - 6 Max
S'Kai Fail l - 7 Max
Kailypso  8 Max
Tarasand - 8 Max
Champagne - 8 Max
Bit of Heaven - 8 Max
Les Jalousies - 8 Max
White Dahlia- 10 Max
Great Escape - 10 Max
Sea Sea Sea -10 Max
Two Rainbows -10 Max
S'Kai Blue - 11 Max
Crystal Waters - 12 Max
Kai Conut - 12 Max
Hidden Cove -12 Max
Paradis Sur Mer - 12 Max
Moon Kai - 14 Max
Cos Kai -15 Max
Kaiku - 15 Max
Abita Ka -16 Max
Villas- North/East End
Kai Tana- 4 Max
Cayman Dream- 6 Max
Thatch Hill- 7 Max
Reef Romance- 10 Max
Great Bluff -12 Max
White Cottage-11 max
Coconut Beach- 12 Max
Amoraflora- 12 Max
Rum Cove-1 Bed
Rum Haven- 1 bed
Bio Cove
Crystal Caves
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"Villas, Island Houses, Town Houses,
 Condominiums and Single Family Houses"
in Cayman Kai/Rum Point area and the North Side of Grand Cayman
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Villa's in the North Side and East End Area"
These Villa's are situated within the prestigious development of the North side and East End area of Grand Cayman, only a 40 minutes scenic drive from the capital Georgetown but quiet and secluded enough so that time and tide move slowly and your dreams are undisturbed.

The North Side and East End area Grand Cayman offers some of the more remote and pristine areas of Grand Cayman. Rum Point sightseeing, attractions, beaches, diving, snorkeling and activities are generally more laid back than other areas of Grand Cayman, with fewer people, less traffic and abundant beach access. It is about five miles from the famous Rum Point Beach located in Cayman Kai area.

We  strongly recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect your investment in your reservation, particularly if you are traveling during the official hurricane season of June 1 to November 30 and during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Such a policy will typically cover travel, medical and other emergency, natural disaster, etc. expenses.

We now offer the availability of Trip Insurance!
 Plans provide coverage if you, a family member, or a traveling companion
 become ill with COVID-19 and plan requirements are meet.
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2 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 4 Guest Total
1 - King Size Bed
1- Twin Bed
2 -Bathrooms




2 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 4 Guests Total
1 - King Size Bed
1 - Set of Bulk Beds
2 - Bathrooms



2 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 6 Adults- 8 Total Guests
1 - King Size Bed
2- Twin Size Beds
1 -Bunk Beds
1- Roll a Way
2 -Bathrooms


2 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 6 Total Guests
1 - King Size Beds
4- Twin Size Beds
2 -Bathrooms



3 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 6 Total Guests
1 - King Size Bed
1- Queen Size Bed
2 - Twin Size Beds
2 -Bathrooms



5 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 10 Adults- 12 Total Guests
3 - King Size Bed
1- Queen Size Bed
2 - Twin Size Beds
1 - Queen Sofa Bed
5 -Bathrooms



Great Bluff

5 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 12 Total Guests
1 - King Size Beds
4- Queen Size Beds
1- Queen Sleep Sofa
6.5 -Bathrooms


White Cottage

5 - Bedrooms
Sleeps 11 Total Guests
2 - King Size Beds
2- Queen Beds
1- Twin over Twin Bunk Beds
1- Trundle Bed
3 -Bathrooms

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"Villas, Island Houses, Town Houses,
 Condominiums and Single Family Houses"
in Cayman Kai/Rum Point area and the North Side of Grand Cayman
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in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point & North Side area Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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